How To Download and Install Apps Without Google PlayStore

The simplest, safest and say fastest way to download apps to your Android device is using Play Store. But in most cases, you might need to install apps from other sources, or maybe you’re looking for the sort of apps that just can’t be found in Google Play. Or maybe, they’re just not available in your local version of the Play Store or your PlayStore is busy telling you insufficient storage even when having sufficient free memory. If you can find the APK, however, you can still go ahead and install but you must follow the below steps:

– Navigate to Settings
– Then navigate and click on “Security” or “Security and Privacy” depending on your device.
Check ‘Allow installation from unknown sources”.

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Install Apps Without Google PlayStore – Google Play Alternatives

1. Apk4fun.

2. The most recent version of Vidmate offers a PlayStore like feature. It has limited apps at this moment, probably because it is still new.
3. Apk Mirror.

Those above three website / app are the ones I recommend if you want to install any application without using Playstore. There is a reason for installing APKs from unknown sources is disabled in Android by default. It’s basically unsafe to download random APKs from the Web and install them on your phone, you might end up downloading apps like Metasploit. On the other hand, that may seem contradictory with providing a guide on how to install from outside Google Play, as long as you know (and trust) where your apps are coming from.

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By leaving the installation of all unknown apps on by default, you’re opening the door for any malware-infected or malicious apps to silently download other nefarious software silently in the background. If you disallow by default and only allow on a case-by-case basis, there’s a much smaller risk of this.

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