Bloggers Ask and Answer Questions

​One of this awesome blog goals is to build a better future for bloggers and also also share things they’ll find useful in a very simple way. Today, I’m going to answer any question relating to blogging. Just drop your questions below and I promise to give a sincere answer.

Bloggers FAQ

– How do I start a blog?

You can start a blog either by writing your own blogging engine from scratch or make use of the already exisiting blogging platforms. The two most popular blogging platforms are Google Blogger and WordPress.

Your field of blogging, nicje and your target will be the one to help choose the best blogging platform.

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– Is WordPress free?

Yes WordPress is free compared to Google blogger. WordPress is an open source CMS, anyone can view, edit and contribute. You can even start your own WordPress blog on your own PC using a local webserver like Laragon unlike Google blogger. The things you pay for are  Hosting Provider and Plugins and companies like Hostinger offers free hosting to some countries. If you read this regularly, you know how to use a VPN to claim it too.

Which host can I use for my WordPress?

There are thousands of hosting companies out there but I’ll recommend: 




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Namecheap, etc. They are cheap and reliable.

– How can I get Traffic?

Content is king, let your articles win someone’s hear and they’ll share. Also, don’t underestimate social media, guest posting and free advertisements.

Let your questions keeps coming in, remember to share with your blogging partners.