Brainslodge: How To Generate Whatsapp Group Invite Link

Today, I want toshare this, it is just a simple trick that allows you to  Create Whatsapp Group Invite Link to join any WhatsApp without any special admin permission.
In this post I briefly will explain to  you  How to Create Whatsapp Group Invite Link easily.
This method is dedicated to all Programmers.
I have tested personally and it’s work very well, so that’s why today i am going to share this intresting trick with all of you. This trick will help you to Create Whatsapp Group Invitation Link.

Advantage :
Anyone can join by clicking Whatsapp Group Invitation Link.
You can add any number to group without adding number in Phone Book.
You don’t have to be scared of Admin kicking you out again as long as you have the link.
Disadvantage :
Anyone can join the group with out group admin Permission.
How to Create Whatsapp Group Invite Link Full Guide :
First of all Uninstall your Whatsapp from your device .

Note : You should be an admin of that group which you want to make the invitation link

Download Wa Prime Apk Now
Or use the direct link Direct link download of google drive files
After Downloading, open Wa Prime App and setup your Whatsapp Account.
Now you can proceed to select the group which you want to Generate Whatsapp Group Invitation link.
Once you open the group, click on Group Info option then click on (Add Member) option.
Now you will see the magic “Invite to Group via Link” option just click on it.
Once you click it, then a link will be shown to you just copy it by clicking copy option.
Whatsapp Group Invite Link looks like below –
 That’s it. You have successfully created Whatsapp Group Invitation Link. Now share it with your friends to join your whatsapp group.
Please note that you might compromise your group’s privacy if you misuse the invitation link
Share this with others. Brainslodge care!
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