Brainslodge Wishes You a Happy New Year

Brainsodge wishes you a happy new year and say a very big thank you for visiting, sharing, commenting and all other interaction you made on this wonderful blog.

Now, I want to share with you some of the goals I want to attain in 2017 with your help.


  1. Continue to serve the audience with even more quality and  latest updates about technology that can help them on the quest of becoming a Tech literate.
  2. Start an online Digital Store where users can easily sell and buy stuffs from each other and receive payments

Then the scope of this will be: Brainsodge takes about 20% while the owner takes 80% (You can contact us if you want to bargain)

(Beta. Powered by WooCommerce). If you know a better one, please suggest below.

  1. Brainslodge wants to help by training and supporting for new bloggers achieve their goals in the field of blogging.
  2. Reach even more audience than previous years and also implement a live chat feature so the audience can reach me easily.
  3. Organizing seminar(s) related to Science and Technology.
  4. Help as much as I can to prevent scamming by publishing articles that can help fight spam in our individual communities.
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How The Money Earned Will be Spent

I believe revenues for this year will be far greater than that of last year and hence I made up my mind to use 2017 income this way:

Donation / Charity    30%

Hosting / Domain     50%

Miscellaneous          10%

Others                      10%

Hosting / Domain includes Data Plan Subscription and some other tools. Also, I will be getting gadgets and accessories which are included as the Others and Miscellaneous is for urgent issues e.g Helping someone, etc

I can’t achieve this alone, I need your supports. Thanks

Do you have any suggestion or correction? Please kindly drop it and I’d be glad to see them.

We’re all TEAM BRAINSLODGE. Let’s rock 2017!



Iyanu Victor (BobodY) is a Student by appearance, Technology lover by heart and a Blogger by mind. He started blogging in 2015 and he has been surviving with your help. Thanks
This post was last modified on January 7, 2017

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