ClickAdu Premium Ad network Review
ClickAdu is a developing advertisement company producing a huge number of impacts daily. Clickadu places their attention on pop-under promotions. These promotions will show up underneath a website page when they are opened.

They serve advertisers and publishers worldwide and have been growing their span subsequently since 2014. They advance their pop-under promotions to distributers as one of the most elevated changing over advertisement sorts accessible.

They are still generally new to the promotion system industry and they are concentrating on an advertisement sort that will restrict their roof as they develop, yet they appear to have a ton of positive force inside their industry.

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What we like: Pop-under promotions make it almost impossible for the users to tell where the advertisement originated from. Clickadu has some expertise in this particular kind of publicizing and is one of the best at executing it.
Please Note: Pop-under promotions are never met with open arms. They are not the perfect sort of publicizing that you will need to use in the event that you are centered around giving the viewer the most ideal experience. I personally hate pop-under or pop-up ads. If you have one, I won’t visit your site, you know. Generally, if you must use it, avoid using it on your main entry page e.g homepage.

Approval Process

The approval procedure is not automatic, but rather it is almost. Each site that applies to Clickadu will be physically looked into before approval. The approval procedure is speedy and clear. You ought to hope to get approval within 24 hours. Make sure you verify your site ownership with ClickAdu before you start the countdown.

Payment Methods

  • PayPal
  • Epese
  • Web Money
  • Paxum
  • Payoneer
  • E-Payments
  • Wire Transfer
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Their minimum payment threshold is $100 and they issue payments twice
per month. As long as you have at least $100 in your account, you may
withdraw your funds at each pay period.

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