How to Download Medias From Twitter


How to Download Medias From Twitter

The other day I was browsing through Twitter then I came across a Video on Twitter which I have no other choice but to download. Yes, just streaming the video isn’t enough for me. Then, I tried using Vidmate to download the Video since it downloads medias from almost all social medias to my surprise the download button came but I wasn’t able to download. why? The download button didn’t work.

Then, I met this awesome app and it’s worth sharing with others so they won’t have to go through some kind of hard steps like I did before being able to download the video on Twitter.

Saver For Twitter

With this awesome app, you can download Twitter videos, gif, and images quick and easy! Not just that, you can use this app as your default Twitter viewer so each time you need to download a Video or other thing you won’t just have to copy the link every time.

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How to Save From Twitter Using Saver For Twitter

Saving by inserting link to Tweet

  • Launch the app, Click on By Tweet Link, there you can save by inputting the direct link to the video, GIF or anything and finally click on the red floating download button and your download starts immediately.

Using as Twitter Browser

  • You can use this app to browser Twitter, it’s fast and secured. every time you come across any media, then you download.

Cons of Saver for Twitter

  • You will see Ads in the app, and that’s not even a problem since that is a source of the developer keeping the app up and running, I mean maintenance.

Which app(s) do you use to download medias from Twitter? Share with us using the comment box below!

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