Facebook Users Can Now Go Live on Audio Via Facebook Live Audio

Messenger app has been receiving some quite beautiful updates , one of which is ability to make group video call on Messenger. This feature currently enable up to 6 messenger users to communicate to each other simultaneously .

This time, Facebook has come with another cool feature: Live Audio. The announcement has been officially
made on Tuesday 20, December 2016. It allow users to stream audio live / go live using audio more or less like Facebook Radio.

Just like Facebook Live videos, users can use Facebook Live Audio with just a click on the Facebook App and immediately the recording starts, Facebook creates a post
using a Page cover image and notify your Followers. Then it is been published to news feeds so your followers can listen to the audio content as they browse through Facebook. 

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Android users, audio will also play if a user leaves the Facebook
app to use another app or locks their phone.
This post was last modified on December 28, 2016
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