Some Google/Internet Tricks You Might Not Know

Google Tricks 

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We Use Internet frequently especially GOOGLE  but we do not know most The hidden Things on Google.

Here are few most common google tricks I know. Perform and enjoy

Type “Atari breackout” in google search and play game

1:Google cow
Find a 3d google cow on google click on given link

2 : santa claus
Type santa claus 
3 : “blink html”
Type “blink html” and see html blinking on page
4 : zerg rush
Type zerg rush and see the magic
5 : set time
Type “set 30 minute timer”
6 : Do a barrel roll
Type  “do a barrel roll”

7 : Tilt google 
Type “askew”

 8: See google of 1998

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Type “Google in 1998


Do you have any other internet hidden tricks we don’t know? Feel free to share your ideas

This post was last modified on September 13, 2017
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