HOW To Bypass Windows 8 Password Without Any Software 2016

This is a vital and helpful instructional exercise, in this instructional exercise, I am demonstrating that how to hack windows 8 secret word and the best thing is you needn’t bother with any product. Individuals confront a great deal of issues when they overlooked their passwords and this is a definitive answer for changing the passwords. Secret Trick To Bypass Windows 8 Password Without Any Software 2016
Amid the season of instructional exercise on the off chance that you discover any questions then please don’t hesitate to ask us by basically remarking in the remark box and we will get to you asap.

Things You Need:-

1. Windows 8 Disk or Windows 8 Bootable Pendrive

2. PC or Laptop

3. A Little piece Patience

Step 1: Insert your Windows 7 Disk or bootable Pendrive and afterward Restart your Pc and after that, you will get a Screen this way.

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windows 1 brainslodge

Note: If you are utilizing a bootable pen drive then you need to choose your USB gadget from Boot Menu, Google it in the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea about the way to open boot Menu in light of the fact that distinctive gadgets have diverse keys.

Step 2: When you Get this Screen with This message “Press Any Key To Boot From CD or DVD” then rapidly press any key and after some time you will get a Windows Setup window after that snap next then snap Repair which is situated in Lower left half of the screen.

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Step 3: After Going To Repair alternative, Click on investigate, Advanced Option and after that Command Prompt.

Step 4: After opening charge brief compose the summons as indicated by the request.

dir (HitEnter)

c: (HitEnter)

dir (HitEnter)

compact disc clients (HitEnter)

dir (HitEnter)

cd (HitEnter)

cd windowssystem32 (HitEnter)

rename osk.exe osk.old (HitEnter)

rename cmd.exe osk.exe (HitEnter)

exit (HitEnter)

After Exit summon Choose Exit and Continue to Windows 8.1.

Step 5: Wait Till the password Screen Appears and after that tap on the catch appeared in the picture underneath

Step 6: After tapping “On-Screen Keyboard”, you will get a Command brief window and after that sort the order net client and afterward hit “Enter” net client (username) and after that net client (username) * and it will demonstrate to you an alternative to Type a secret word for client, sort the new watchword and press enter and afterward Retype sort the secret word and press enter and afterward leave, Now sort the secret word in the login screen, voila, you did it.

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For Example:

net client (HitEnter)

net client yourpcname (HitEnter)

net client yourpcname * (HitEnter)

Note: While composing the new watchword in CMD there will no spots or Asterisk yet it takes undetectable info when you write. Try not to get confounded.

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