How to Create CD/DVD Disk Image using Linux
Today, I will teach you
how to create disk image of any type of CD/DVD Disk using Linux. I will be explaining based on
Pictures because it is self explainable.

Let’s get started:

1. Launch Disks in any of your Linux Distro. You can
use the search / Navigation feature for quick access.

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2. Click on the disk like the above and select the icon beside the eject icon i.e the more option button and click on create disk image. You get a small pop up window like below and then you’re done with step 1 and step 2 just by clicking on the start creating option.

3. Step 3 isn’t really disturbing as the only thing that happens is the completion of step 2 done by your PC. It may take a lot of time depending on the disk size and your PC capacity e.g with my Linux 3GB RAM and Core i2  Duo attains a speed of 4-7mb per seconds

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NeXpose: The New Manual Scan Wizard 


4. Wait for step 3 to complete then navigate to where you choose to save the file earlier, open with Disk Image Mounter.

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 5. After step 4 is completed, navigate to your Other Locations just like below and open it like a boss.

The outcome of this long process should be a file with an extension of either .iso or .img.

If you have any issue with any step above please comment and share your opinions with others.

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