How To Disable WhatsApp Call Feature On Android

Whatsapp calling feature has make WhatsApp more fun to use and also we can talk with anyone around the world using internet connection without extra charges unlike others. Sadly, people misuse this feature by calling everyone any  time they feel like just to talk about irrelevant issues even without his/her own consent. If you have been experiencing this too, here is a solution:

How To Disable WhatsApp Call Feature On Android
  1. Download Disable Whatsapp Calls.
  2. Install it to your android device (2.1+)
  3. After installation, follow the displayed instructions.
  4. Now have successfully disabled WhatsApp calls for your account.
This app is no longer available on the Google PlayStore because it probably infringe WhatsApp or PlayStore copyright. The app is extremely safe for use.
Method 2 – Root

Download ES File Explorer or  search this blog for How to Edit Android App
  1. Launch ES file explorer.
  2. Swipe from left to right, Enable root explorer Grant super SU permission.
  3. Go to  /data/data/com.whatsapp
  4. Find the folder named shared_preps and look for the file called com.whatsapp.preference.XML
  5. Tap it and open with text editor.
  6. Find a <boolean name=”call” value=”true”/> and edit it’s vale to false and save it.
  7. Now restart your device and check for WhatsApp calling.
  8. Successfully disabled WhatsApp calling.

1. Navigate to whatsapp and click on edit, follow steps 4-7 above.
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This post was last modified on December 28, 2016
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