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Hello everyone, this trick will be short but I’m sure you’ll understand. Please note that I won’t be responsible for the result of your actions based on this tutorial.
Firstly, to the marketers and online business holders, after reading this, I guess you won’t fall victim for any of those tricks again.
How To Make Money Online - BlackHat


1. Find a very promising upcoming online marketer or business website
2. Find a better domain to match their original domain e.g (, you can create one yours as depending on your own brain, you find a very matching domain name.
3. Design it and pretend to offer the same thing they offer for a very cheap price.
4. Then email the company telling them there is someone else that has taken over their audience, they will be so shocked.
5. Request for a huge amount of money and tell them you’ll hack the domain name for them in return.
6. Then give them the domain name your bought earlier.
Goodluck to you! I know for sure this blog readers will never fall for such thing but others are likely to. Do this at your own risk.
This post was last modified on December 28, 2016
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