How To View Mobile Pages As Desktop Pages

If you’ve been an active member of this blog or a tech / computer geek you’ll know what User Agent is and how they works. I have shared my opinion on how to change or customize User Agent on Desktop (use the search button) and it really works.

Basically, surfing some webpages on mobile gives limited features and somewhat slow e.g some sites do not allow you to comment via mobile, some don’t let you upload, etc.

Since we’re in the mobile age, everyone has a mobile but not a desktop PC, you might have tried to access some sites, do important things but you couldn’t because it’s not offering all its features on mobile, here is a tip for you:

Utilize Chrome:

Chrome for mobile has a lot of cool features including inbuilt game, save page on screen, etc and it also has a feature to turn all mobile pages to web pages.

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How To Do It

Locate the icon beside the tab option, click on it and mark the checkbox for “Request Desktop Site”. After this must have been done, wait for few minutes for the page to be reloaded.

This method doesn’t work on sites that uses bootstrap.

You can use this method to take over your friend’s whatsapp account. I guess you know how but if you don’t, like this post and share it and I’ll get to you. Thanks

This post was last modified on December 28, 2016
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