If you are a frequent user of the app Facebook, for the past few months, you will notice that there are some of your friends Updates that is really bigger than yours. Everyone been asking each other (Dude! How did you got this done) and most times your friends can’t explain because it is more or less like a magic to them.

It is no magic, here is how to achieve larger text status on Facebook.

The next time you’re going to update your Facebook status, make sure you do it on a the Latets Version of Facebook Mobile App (I have only tried with Android  and I’m not sure if it works on other).

Then make sure your update is without picture and it’s character is less or equal to 35. When your update exceeds 35 character, the text will be automatically shortened to the normal size. I hope this help.

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That’s all. Share with your friends.

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This post was last modified on December 28, 2016

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