Eaman is an entrepreneur in Addis Ababa who slept nine hours
this week. She’s one of five people around the world who are powering The Never Ending Stories with their dreams.
people from Sweden, Ghana, Ethiopia, the U.S. and China are equipped
with Beddit sleep trackers, which monitor sleep patterns, duration,
location, and heart rate. The data is sent to the The Never Ending
Stories website via an API, and when asleep, their data lights up
stories from dreamers around the world. You can view the dreamer’s sleep
data, which is updated in real time throughout the day.
Never Ending Stories series highlights educators, nonprofit workers, and
entrepreneurs who are working to make communities safer and healthier,
tackling big ideas like digital literacy and mental healthcare for rural
children. The site is a universe filled with floating 3D objects, each
of which contain a story, or a “dream,” of pursuing social change.
can interact with each floating object to see the story, and drag your
cursor through space to find the biographies of the five dreamers and
the stories they’re highlighting. The website and story series was built
by Swedish nonprofit incubator Reach For Change, which supports and funds entrepreneurs building service to improve the lives of children around the world.

Some of the projects include a traveling van that provides free books to children in rural Ghanian communities, and providing schools with proper sanitation and toilets so periods don’t keep girls from attending classes.
The website was based on the beloved cult movie The NeverEnding Storyin which a young boy must use his imagination to save a kingdom at risk of being lost to darkness.
Never Ending Stories are lit up by the data of the dreamers,
and highlight the change people are affecting across the globe while
others are sound asleep.
Photo via The Never Ending Stories