Ten Incontrovertible Facts About Life

1. Every individual you will ever meet knows at least
something you don’t know. Therefore, we should always be willing
to learn from our society and others especially strangers and new
friends! There is a common saying: ‘Out of all nonsense, there is always a sense’

2. No matter how poor your progress is, you are
still far better than those that gave up just because they couldn’t afford to give it another trial.
Well, keep moving on and don’t be discouraged by the rate of your progress.

3. Most people we see as a failure are those who
did not realize how close they were to success
till they back-off, try not to give up now.

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4. A great idea administered today is better than
a perfect idea implemented tomorrow. Learn never to
procrastinate no matter the situation!

5. People who are constantly discussing about others life
in most cases not happy with their own life or they are low minded
people. Instead of fighting them, please embrace them with the warmest

6. All achievements had a beginning – IDEA. Instead of talking and complaining, keep thinking

7. A second of patience in a moment of anger
saves a hundred moments of regrets.
Always try to resist and keep away your “anger” because it will keep you away from “d_ANGER”.

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8. A best friend is someone who notice tears in
your eyes when everybody else believes it is
on your face. To make best friends, make sure you are also trying to be
the best to your friends. Don’t ignore fake friends also, correct them

9. There is no congestion or traffic on the road to
success, but it doesn’t goes as one plan. What ever happens keep moving and moving and moving.

10. Surely a day our wishes will come
true, it may not be the way you requested it
but it will come in the package. Almighty God knows is best
for you.