15 ways to increase website traffic.

#1 Plan on what to post and where to post.
Truly and sincerely, promoting a gaming product on a Fashion blog would fetch you almost, always post the right thing on the right niche. Also, plan your post to make it very informative and exactly what your audience would want to read and see because this really matters to who you are posting to.

#2 Use WOM technique (Word Of Mouth)

#3 Social Media is Social Traffic
Yep, that’s self-explanatory so using the social media is an extra way of making a traffic loaded website.

#4 Exchanging Ad with other sites
Try exchanging your website traffic with other sites. It is advisable you paying them to promote your link and give you backlink (you must be careful with this)

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#5 Email Marketing

#6 Submit your site to high-quality directories like Dmoz, e.t.c

#7 Use Google Trends and Keyword tools to know what is in vogue

#8 Google and other Search Engines are always helpful, ya know?

#9 Try guest blogging your post to other blogs

#10 Do not spam cause people would ignore

#11 Copyright, Copyright, Copyright.

#12 Look for promotion opportunities.

#13 Create a PDF for easier reading.

#14 See yourself as reaching your goal.

#15. Reach your goal. Conclusion Getting traffic ain’t easy so you gonna have to have the guts to have traffic. Confusing?

This post was last modified on September 28, 2017
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