WordPress Best Hostings 2016

Searching for some exceptional WordPress Hosting Companies which would deal with your WordPress website actually and you would simply appreciate and manage blogging, without venturing into specialized stuff? All recorded beneath WordPress Hostings are quick, stable and DDOS Protected including a few organizations to ensure 100% Uptime.

Ask For Host

Ask For Host is a hosting company providing special WordPress hosting
which is super-fast with stability, they use world’s number one Servers
for bandwidth. Their customer support is fantastic and supportive, as
If you’re stucked in some kind of technical problem so their staff would
try to solve your problem as soon as possible and possibly make you
satisfy. They’re providing 100% Uptime guarantee and 24/7 Customer
Support service, they also offer offline backups.
It isn’t just dedicated for big websites, Their hosting suits to
almost every type of client even if he runs a small HTML site or runs a
business site, It actually doesn’t matter. Security is a major factor
which affects on clients, in that thing Ask For Host is having skilled
staff to manage the security of their servers and their servers are
based on CPanel based Control Panel including Raid-10 Protection.
They’re having different packages even for WordPress Hosting so I
would recommend you to visit their site and choose the package which is
most suitable for your work, Its cheap and reliable too!
Wordpress Hosting 2016


Site Ground

Wordpress Hosting 2016

Site Ground is another best hosting company which is the most unique
than others, the only reason for its uniqueness is its performance and
secondly its cheap and speeds up websites with its blazing fast loading
time period, which attracts users as well. Its WordPress Hosting
packages are starting from  $9.95/month(Regular price) and ending its
package with a package costing $29.95/month (Regular Price). The first
package which is named as StartUp actually supports one website and as
mentioned that its suitable for websites getting less than 10,000 visits
monthly and the last package which is obviously the biggest package,
that supports multiple websites which is mostly suitable for clients
getting less than 100,000 visits monthly.
Wordpress Hosting 2016
If you’re looking to host a blog for a long period of time and want
to leave the technical problems aside and let them be fixed by
themselves so just go for one of these packages, obviously the one which
suits you the most. As mentioned, The Prices shown are discounted which
will be discounted only first time but next year when you’ll renew it
so it will charge regular prices which I’ve mentioned above as well are
mentioned under their discounted price.

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Wordpress Hosting 2016
Bluehost is one of the oldest and the most famous web hosting
company, I’ve been using their hosting and believe me their performance
and customer support is just brilliant, and their skilled staff helps
you anytime you want, they help you to fix issues you’re having, same
like others they also provide special WordPress Hosting in which they
have different packages according to different requirements and
features. They have some discounted price for their client to claim it
only on paying annually but you would renew your WordPress Hosting then
with the regular prices which are almost 50% – 60% more than the
discounted price but don’t worry as they’ve mentioned the regular prices
with their packages too!
Wordpress Hosting 2016
As seen in the image given above, They have provided different
packages, all are perfect for running WordPress but as you can see they
have mentioned that they would charge $12.49 only for first month but
after that they’ll charge $24.99 per month which is their regular price,
Depends on which looks more cheap to you as all WordPress hosting
companies listed in this post are best and will remain best till 2016


GoDaddy is one of the most famous web hosting providers, they provide
WordPress Hosting too which actually much cheaper than others if you
pay them annually as they would charge $1.09 per month for the first
year only if you purchase their Starter plan annually. They have two
more plans which worth purchasing.
Wordpress Hosting 2016
GoDaddy’s WordPress Hosting includes of three packages: Starter,
Business and Pro. The Starter plan is mostly suitable for the clients
which have to start a new WordPress blog and haven’t started it yet,
still it doesn’t matter. The Business plan is for some experts who run
their own few blogs and get a decent amount of traffic. The last plan,
Everything becomes clear by its name which is ‘Pro’ so actually its for
professionals or you should purchase it when you grow your blog enough
to get thousands of visits daily but still its my opinion.

WP Engine

Wordpress Hosting 2016

Engine is the most famous dedicated WordPress hosting provider as they
just provide hosting for WordPress, no Shared Hosting or any other
offer. They’re having famous clients which is their speciality for
example SoundCloud, AMD and many others are their client and using their
hosting as per their needs. According to performance, Its an awesome
hosting but the thing is that it isn’t cheap but reliable and having
tightened security but still if you’ve paid them and you’re not
satisfied so they offer Money pay-back guarantee for 60 days! Thats the
most unique thing, Isn’t it? Now lets have a look at their plans.
So let’s talk about their plans, First is their personal plan which
includes of managing one wordpress site, with 25,000 visits per month
with unlimited Data Transfer and 10Gb of storage costing $29.00 per
month. The second plan is named as Professional which let you manage 10
WordPress sites with 100,000 visits per month, Unlimited Data Transfer
and 20 GB of storage, In my opinion if you run one blog and want to run
for long term so the Personal plan is also enough. Now lets come towards
the last package which is named as Business and lets you manage 25
WordPress websites, 400,000 visits per month with unlimited storage and
30GB of storage so it is mostly suitable for web developers or geeks.
These were three plans provided with details but there is one more plan
which didn’t got any detail, Its named as ‘Enterprise’ and let you talk
with company to help its clients to manage their big WordPress sites
which need more modification and aren’t suitable with the other plans,
this plan might not be suitable for bloggers but maybe for a web
developer or CEO of a company. The bad thing is that it isn’t affordable
as others are and their is no special discount as well in any of the
In my opinion, All of these listed web hosting companies are best for
WordPress so I think you should compare all of the plans of all these
companies and then decided whom to choose, In my opinion GoDaddy and Ask
For Host would be leading the top WordPress hosting companies of 2016.

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